Go Beyond 3D to Digital Prototyping

Autodesk® Alias® software products ― Alias® AutoStudio, Alias® Surface, Alias® Concept, Alias® SpeedForm and Alias® Design ― offer a premium range of tools for industrial designers, modelers and technical surfacing experts in automotive and other industries

Through a continuous workflow from concept to production quality surfaces, the Alias software provides industry-leading surfacing capabilities ― supported by best-in-class sketching, modeling and visualization tools ― helping you to create innovative and compelling designs faster than your competition, while maintaining design intent throughout the process.

Part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, Alias software helps designers rapidly develop and iterate sketch concepts, 3D conceptual models and detailed designs, and to deliver Class-A production ready surfaces to engineering, ensuring that designs address both aesthetic and functional requirements.

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Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features found in AutoCAD software, one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D design applications. Create stunning designs in 3D, help speed documentation, and share ideas smoothly. Connect with the cloud to collaborate on designs and download apps. It’s time to take design further. It’s time for AutoCAD software.READ MORE–>


Use Autodesk Remote service to drive Autodesk software installed on your primary computer from a remote PC or iPad to access native design data. The iPad app, compatible only with Autodesk Inventor software, enables you to work anywhere you can access the Internet. This service is available with purchase of Autodesk Subscription for select Autodesk products.READ MORE–>

Alias Concept

Autodesk® Alias® Concept software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, offers a powerful tool set supporting the end to end creative design process. READ MORE–>

Alias AutoStudio

Autodesk® Alias® AutoStudio software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, is the next generation premium solution for automotive design, styling and technical surfacing. READ MORE–>

Alias Surface

Autodesk® Alias® Surface software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, offers a full set of dynamic 3D surface modeling capabilities. READ MORE–>

Alias Design

Autodesk® Alias® Design, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, is the base level Alias 3D design software for industrial designers who control the creative product design process: from the initial concept sketch to the final surface models. READ MORE–>


Autodesk Maya 2014 3D animation software delivers practical toolsets to help facilities create and maintain the modern, open pipelines they need to address today’s challenging productions. With powerful new creative toolsets; tools that help facilitate parallel workflows and better complexity handling; and everyday productivity enhancements, Maya 2014 helps artists create higher quality content in less time.READ MORE–>


Autodesk VRED 3D visualization software enables automotive designers and engineers to create product presentations, design reviews, and virtual prototypes with highly realistic materials, physical camera settings, engineering tools, and even surface analysis modes. Visualize your ideas, evaluate your design, and move from physical to virtual prototypes in real time.


Autodesk® Alias® SpeedForm software, part of the Autodesk solution for Digital Prototyping, helps accelerating the creative design process by efficiently transforming 2D sketches and curves into 3D design concepts that can be interactively shaped into early design proposals, while providing a continuous workflow for reuse of the design concepts into downstream design modeling workflows.


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