The Linkage Advanced Alias Modeling class will focus on utilizing the tools learned in the Linkage Basic Alias Modeling class.

Building an Interior Design Theme

Objective: Students would each take one component of an interior design theme and utilize engineering criteria and design sketches to execute a comprehensive interior theme.

Topics to cover:

? Creating math over canvas plane sketches to ensure accurate model interpretation
? Incorporation of basic criteria packages that reflect typical human factors size and proportion
? Building with symmetry
? Reinforcement of framing and filleting modeling approaches through primary/secondary
surfacing techniques and theoretical intersection evaluation
? Construction plane usage
? Utilization of diagnostic evaluation tools throughout model construction

Difficult to Surface Areas

Objective: Students will practice surfacing typical, hard-to surface areas around various interior and exterior components.

Components/Areas to cover:
? Sail panels
? Wheel lips
? Cluster hoods

Surface Areas

Objective: Provide an overview of model evaluation techniques through practical hands-on surface evaluation. We will focus on how to utilize cross-sections, draft angle, highlight tools and curvature maps to identify class-A model quality concerns and then discuss build strategies that will resolve the problems.

Tools to cover:
? Control Panel Diagnostic Surface Evaluators:
? Curvature maps, Iso-angle, Zebra Stripes, Cross-sections, Draft check o Isoparms, CV, Hull placement
? Model check tool

Duration: 30 hours

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