Intro to VRED Pro Training

(10 hrs.) $500
You don’t need to have ever opened VRED to get started with the Intro class. If you
have played around with it, you will find lots of tips and tricks along the way.
You will learn all the basics of how to import a vehicle, optimize it, and place it in an environment. We will “bake” on shadows, apply materials, add lighting and render images. We will set up our camera and learn about variants. Finally, students will create an animation of the vehicle driving. Students will walk away with the base knowledge needed to create professional-looking vehicle imagery.

Advanced VRED Pro Training

(15 hrs.) $750
This class builds on the knowledge gained from the introductory training. If you have experience using VRED, but want to dive deeper in order to understand the more advanced tools, this is the class for you.
Using another vehicle model, we will go into greater detail regarding materials and texture mapping. Students will gain a better understanding of how to set up scenes wtih the intention of high-quality compositing. We will learn about quality vs. speed and the different levels of raytracing calculations. Students will learn about the Alias to VRED features, including surface analysis and gap measurements. We will go over how to set up presets for live presentations. Time permitting, students will explore photometric lighting by setting up an LED, and watch some demonstrations of 3rd party plugins for VRED.

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