Automatic Character Setup (ACS) Kit 2


Automatic Character Setup (ACS) Kit 2


ACS kit features include:
• Easy visual resizing of animation controls to suit users tastes
• Rigs work from a modular design where unnecessary parts can be easily removed (fingers, etc)
• Transportable, ACS rigs can be opened and animated on any system, even without ACS
• Configured to use advanced setups with IK/FK blending and Pole vector pinning.
• Options to use Aim or FK controllers on many joints with additional advanced control setups
• Detailed rigs provide animation control over the entire body including eyes and eyelids
• Spine setups have easy to use settings for customizing the joint behavior
• User controlled options to isolate arms, legs and head
• Pre-made hand controllers with Channel haul interface for finger bending and spreading
• Thoughtful pick walking setup allows users to easily select animation controls with only the keyboard

What is included with the ACS kit?
• One Biped Rig preset
• Three Joint Influence presets (Hinge, Free and Roll Joint Influence)
• Two sample character models: Hero and Bolo (downloadable samples below)
• Three sample scenes: Hero Rigged, Bolo Rigged, Bolo Walkcycle Animation
• Online manual consisting of over three hours of training material. Offline manual will be available soon

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