Character Rigging Course


Character Rigging Course

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Taught by experienced trainer Sergio Mucino, this advanced tutorial guides you through a deep understanding of how to approach rigging bipedal characters. You will learn how to not just rig a character, but also analyze the mesh to gain a better understanding of its rigging requirements. You’ll also learn how to design a layered rig capable of performing a variety of tasks, and how to keep rigs modular by saving out Assemblies that allow for better reusability. This training includes in-depth coverage on the use of Forward Kinematics setups and Inverse Kinematics, blending rigs, creating procedural setups, making pseudo-muscle rigs, generating facial setups and rigging props. Once completed, you will have an advanced, fully-rigged, animation-ready character.

The training is delivered as 63 videos, with each session focusing on a single area of the rig. Each subsequent chapter builds on lessons learned in the earlier videos. An included index lists the topics covered for easy referencing. Also included are the scene files for the start and end of each session so you can follow along and jump in at any point along in the training.

What is included with the product?
35 hours of character rigging training
63 - H264 encoded 1920x1080 videos
37 - MODO 801 scene files
Comprehensive course glossary

Experience level:
Intermediate knowledge of MODO, character rigging, and animation concepts recommended.

Software compatibility:
MODO 801 SP4 or greater, MODO 901.

Product format:
All files delivered via electronic download.

Training videos are H264 encoded at 1920x1080 resolution and narrated in English.

NOTE: There is an error in the video file numbering and that video 37 does not exist, is just goes to 38.