PACK Kit (Package Design and Construction)


PACK Kit (Package Design and Construction)



28 base shape presets are included in the PACK kit
PACK’s base shape presets provide an easy starting point for most any package container. By utilizing the embedded morphs (form and volume variants) in these base shapes you can experiment with new designs or simply adjust parameters (e.g. shoulder scale) to match artwork provided to you by a client.

Container seal presets

35 container seal presets are included in the PACK kit
PACK contains a library of container seal presets – different 3D shapes for sealing containers. Seals are often one of the most time consuming components of a package to create. With PACK you can quickly attach a seal to a container, or visualize a container with a number of different sealing methods. Alternatively, if the correct seal you want isn’t in PACK you can modify the provided samples to generate new seals, thus growing PACK further, and in a way that’s specific to you.

Pre-built packaging models

82 pre-built packaging models are included in the PACK kit
Many types of package are quite generic in nature so PACK also includes 82 pre-built packaging models including bags, wrappers, boxes, bottles, cans, cartons, tubes and tubs. These models are textured and UV’d so all you need to do is apply artwork and render, but of course they can also be used as starting points for new designs of your own.

Panel presets

53 panel presets are included in the PACK kit
Modeling folded boxes is often a very tricky business. PACK attempts to simplify it by providing a system of panel presets that can be snapped together to create 2D box templates complete with tabs. They include embedded morphs (shape variants) for changing key aspects of them and topology that allows you to create smooth SubD boxes that are easily folded.

Texture maps

22 texture maps are included in the PACK kit
Not all aspects of a package need to be modeled with polygons so PACK also provides a range of texture maps that can help in the visualization process. Included are crease maps, stencil maps and bump maps, which can be easily applied to models through MODO’s preset browser. All presets in PACK are set-up to receive these maps easily with pre-defined UV maps.

Scene assemblies

11 scene assemblies are included in the PACK kit
When you’ve created a design you are going to want to see it rendered. To help you to get a good quality image quickly, PACK also includes eleven scene assemblies, which are rigged so you can change lighting and other display parameters quickly.

PACK tools

18 tools are included in the PACK kit
To help speed up the process of using this kit, PACK also includes a collection of focused tools, which can be accessed through a pop-over form. Included in the form are regular MODO tools, macros and a number of scripts written specifically for PACK. These allow you modify the shape of your container and other perform other functions such as adding thickness to a container, and adding liquid volume. A Snapshot tool lets you save your work non-destructively at key points as you iterate a design.

Video tutorials

3 full project video tutorials are included in the PACK kit
To get you up to speed as quickly as possible, PACK also comes with nearly two hours of training videos, including three full project tutorials. These tutorials will get you up to speed on all of PACK’s features and will also help you to become familiar with MODO’s general modeling workflow.

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