Linkage provides digital design and visualization solutions by recruiting and employing an elite mix of degreed industrial designers and digital modeling sculptors. We are one of the leading providers of design resources, design solutions & training for transportation, medical, and complex products.

Our contract and project teams, and trainers, provide expertise in advanced digital design tools like; Autodesk’s Alias AutoStudio, VRED, Alias SUBDs, Blender, Photoshop, Maya, and many others. 

Through our parent company, Mechdyne Corporation, we can also provide comprehensive collaboration solutions HMDs, video walls, immersive displays, and virtual reality environments.

What Our Employees Are Saying

“As an active employee of Linkage Design for almost five years, I can say with confidence this is a well run company.  Mike and his team have always gone out of their way to look out for their employee’s best interests and reward much better than accordingly. Linkage’s vast global network and excellent communication works to everyone’s advantage, employer and customers alike. They’re a top-notch outfit and a major asset to the design & engineering community.”

Dale Cramer

“Mike Check knows the Design Industry with its many facets and job descriptions. Throughout my career I’ve noticed that some companies lack the understanding of the specifics of the job function. Linkage however has the unique ability to seek out precisely the right candidate and tailor their skills to needs of the client. Throughout my tenure, Linkage have been generous, supportive and appreciative of my working efforts. They have been flexible personally and to the needs of the customer. Jason Rowlands – Lead Digital Modeler, Volvo Trucks NA

“Linkage has been a pleasure to work with, and I’ve always been treated fairly. They’re an exceptional framework to strengthen your development within our tight-knit community.”

Brett Kilian

“I feel that Linkage Design is a unique partner in our industry and these times, because of their experience, and intentions to create great relationships with individuals and industry leading companies. I have found that Linkage has partners and customers, in most locations around the country, and that they are uniquely capable of placing individuals at any point in their career, and/or providing training which is also unique. At Linkage you talk with real people who are invested in your success. “

Jonas De Moe

“I wouldn’t want to start my digital modeling career with any other company. I’ve learned so many skills of the trade with Linkage in a professional, supportive, and educational environment. Linkage is treating my like family, with my best interest in their thoughts at all times. Linkage has always been open to work through any issue or interests throughout my career. Worked one program through Linkage(in house). We made sure to be fully involved with any issues the customer had on the data we completed for them. We made sure we were present for any/every meeting regarding our work and the work that needed to be done. I truly believe Linkage puts its employees and customers beyond number one before themselves. I’m grateful to be a Linkage employee and to be able to work with a great group of people”

Alec Lacelle

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Our History

Michael Check launched Linkage Design, LLC over 10 years ago with the intent to provide a complete digital design solution to transportation companies. There really were no other companies providing this type of service in 2011. By building on previous/existing relationships established from over 20 years of selling & installing digital design software solutions at key transportation customers, Linkage was able to grow significantly by nurturing these relationships.

Throughout its tenure, Linkage has grown its business by establishing trust with key individuals at specific transportation companies based on years of strong relationships and acclaim in the digital design industry segment. Mr Check is a recognized industry expert, therefore, using his reputation to “open doors” has been the fondation for Linkage’s success.

See testimonials for more details on how we support our customers.